Balloon Sinuplasty

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Though medications and lifestyle modification help many who suffer from chronic or recurrent sinusitis, for some people, conservative measures may not be enough. Felipe J. Martinez, MD, in Coral Gables, West Miami, and Doral, Florida, an advanced ear, nose, and throat (ENT) practice, offers many ground-breaking procedures to treat ENT conditions, including balloon sinuplasty. To learn more about this in-office procedure, call the office nearest you, or select the online booking button to schedule an appointment today.

Balloon Sinuplasty Q & A

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a ground-breaking, minimally invasive, in-office procedure that helps those suffering from chronic sinusitis by improving the shape of the sinus cavity for better drainage. Felipe J. Martinez MD tirelessly pushes to stay on top of the latest technologies and treatments, so patients get the most effective and efficient treatments possible and is excited to offer this innovative procedure to alleviate your suffering. 

Am I a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty?

Felipe J. Martinez MD determines if you’re a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty after a comprehensive evaluation that may include a review of your symptoms, medical history, and the various treatments you’ve tried to alleviate your sinusitis symptoms. 

You may be considered a good candidate for the balloon sinuplasty if you have:

  • Chronic or recurring sinusitis
  • Frequent sinus infections that don’t respond well to medication
  • A hard time breathing through your nose
  • Chronic bad breath or sinus headaches

You may also be considered a good candidate for the minimally invasive procedure if you have nasal problems that would benefit from an improvement in the sinus cavity drainage.

What happens during balloon sinuplasty?

Your balloon sinuplasty is an outpatient procedure performed at the Felipe J. Martinez MD office. To ease the discomfort, you may receive an anesthetic prior to the procedure. 

During balloon sinuplasty, your ENT specialist places small balloons in key places inside your sinus cavity and nasal passage. Your specialist then inflates the balloons to expand the passageway. Once they sufficiently open your sinus cavity, they deflate and remove the balloons. 

What can I expect during balloon sinuplasty recovery?

After balloon sinuplasty, you receive specific instructions on what to expect during the recovery process, as well as any modifications you may need to make to your usual routine. You may experience some fatigue and nasal discharge following balloon sinuplasty, but these side effects should resolve within a day or two. 

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, though, but you should be able to resume most of your usual activities within a week after the procedure. Balloon sinuplasty is safe and effective and offers lifelong relief from sinus symptoms. 

To schedule a consultation to learn more about balloon sinuplasty, call Felipe J. Martinez MD or click the online booking feature.